Thank you from Watchet LIVE

||Thank you from Watchet LIVE

Thank you from Watchet LIVE

Hi All.

A week has now passed since we staged the Watchet 2018 and the weather didn’t hinder your spirits in anyway, from wind, rain to hot humid sticky conditions, by you emails and messages you all had a good time and enjoyed the numerous acts the festival offered.

Behind the scene we had a few issues with one of the main organisers being admitted to hospital on the Friday afternoon, but the months of planning, the clear event plan and positive teamwork kicked in and everyone stepped up to ensure the festival ran smoothly and on time.

We are taking on board your comments re the bar(s) ( a lot of people didn’t release the second cider bar was also our bar, it was a trial for us and worked a treat once you guys and found it and sampled the excellent “Mallets cider”) and food stalls you liked and didn’t like or would like to see in the future.

The “chair gate” issue is the curse of all festivals this year it seems. On speaking to many other festival organisers we work closely with around the county, allow them people complain, don’t allow them just as many people complain, what the answer is we truthfully do not know, but will not ignore your thoughts and comments and attempt to find a solution.

As mentioned in the festival paper, the festival at Parsonage farm is on limited time as at some point in the future the farm and land will not be available so we plan to hold/ organise it as long as we possibly can.

Thank you to all you festival goers, The Stewards, Security, Litter Team, Fence Team, the Police and local council and the tolerance of those in the Watchet who don’t like the festival but understand what it brings to town each year for the local traders and businesses.

We are taking a small break then will announce an early bird ticket offer as soon as we can so we can start planning 2019

Now how are we going to beat this years line up? That is another challenge!

Enjoy the rest of the festival season.

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