Announced today ( 18th July 2023 )is the decision that 2023 will be a ‘fallow year’ for the festival. Festival Organisers Mark and Jackie Bale, have released the following statement to explain their decision.

We haven’t come to this decision lightly, but with the many uncertainties we are all experiencing right now we feel that it’s the right time for the festival to take a break in 2023.


The ever-increasing costs involved with running an event like ours has become extremely challenging during these turbulent times.  We are mindful that we must try and continue to keep presenting quality music at Watchet Festival for our customers, providing value for money whilst sticking to our budget, all whilst staying within the boundaries of the ethos of our Community Interest Company.

Furthermore, the evolving demographic of our hometown of Watchet, and the fact that more and more land around the site of the festival and beyond is being flagged up for redevelopment – potentially affecting the long-term future of the festival site itself – has been instrumental in us having to make this decision.


Taking all the above factors into account Watchet LIVE CIC will now use the next 12 months as a ‘fallow year’ to refocus and restructure, meaning sadly there won’t be a festival in 2023.


We would like to take this opportunity of sincerely thanking everyone who have continued to support the festival in the past and to the newcomers this year.  Without you, your trust and belief in what we do the festival wouldn’t and couldn’t have grown into the fabulous family friendly event that it is today with its place firmly stamped in the ever-increasing festival calendar.


Together let’s make Watchet 2022 the very best festival yet