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Watchet Music Festival is run by Watchet LIVE Community Interest Company (C.I.C) who organise events in and around the town of Watchet, West Somerset.

By staging such events the aim is to help make the town of Watchet a vibrant, diverse, and lively place to live and visit for both residents and visitors alike. Staging events such as Watchet LIVE Music Festival and Watchet Carnival over numerous years has helped generate income into the local economy and community.

Any profit made by Watchet LIVE is used to fund and provide free admission community events and is also donated to local groups or charities within the area that the C.I.C recognises need help.

Charities We Donate To:

Children’s Hospice South West

Elliotts Touch – A local charity who raise funds for research and cures for Mitochondrial Diseace in children

Stand Against Speed 4 Bethany – A local young  adult  driving speed awareness course

1st Watchet Sea Scout Group

Paid for a visiting artist to hold a flag design workshop at the local primary school. Which are displayed in the main street in Watchet over the festival weekend and build up!

Funded Watchet Phoenix Home Alone Christmas Dinners for the elderly of the town


“One of the UK’s most eclectic boutique festivals”


“Watchet is a lovely little festival”


“This is one festival that has the courage to keep going strong”


Get Involved!

(Volunteer application now open!)

To help make the Watchet LIVE Music Festival continue to be one of the premier outdoor music festival events in the South West of England, we need the continued support of volunteers. The great majority of those already working at the festival, prior to and during the weekend, are experienced volunteers. Experience what it is like to work behind the scenes and contribute to another successful event, by giving your time and energy in assisting the Watchet LIVE Crew.

There are many benefits for you, including; free entry to Watchet LIVE run events, making new friends, learning new skills, developing skills you already have and the opportunity of working in a professionally run team. You could be part of the Watchet LIVE growing team of volunteers.

Prior to over and after the festival weekend, we require volunteers for a variety of roles. Some may not be glamorous or appear ‘Rock and Roll’, seem boring/pointless , hard, dirty work ,but never-the-less are vital to the smooth running of the festival.

*Event Stewards are required to hold a qualification in Stewarding at Spectator Events, training can be arranged.

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– Stewarding* at various locations around the site

– Infrastructure Team members:   helping build and dismantle the layout of the festival

– Rubbish collecting

– On-site maintenance

– Car park marshalling

– Camping field marshalling

email for an application form:- volunteer@watchetfestival.co.uk